Micro Kitchen

A Friend of Mine collaborated with Broadsheet and Rhys Gorgol to create pop-up event 'Micro Kitchen' and design the identity, promotional material, signage and interior. As part of the State of Design Festival, Micro Kitchen was a week-long event in which a variety of designers “briefed” a renowned Melbourne chef to inspire a soup, one for each day of the week. The idea of a designer and chef ‘spooning’ lent a tongue-in-cheek approach to the identity. In keeping with the temporary ‘pop-up’ atmosphere, the window signage was all hand-painted to maximise impact within a lean budget. Plywood furniture was made to house the pop-up coffee, soup and alcohol stalls, and a custom-built long table facilitated communal and social interaction. To decorate the lofty space we created a mobile of suspended spoons in a zig-zag pattern reminiscent of lace to provide a homely atmosphere and a sense of warmth.