The Terrible Twos

A Friend of Mine collaborated with illustrator Alice Oehr for the Desktop Terrible Twos' exhibition held at No Vacancy Gallery in 2012. Participants were provided with two triangular pieces of timber and were asked to reflect on a composite word to create a joint artwork. Our work abstractly takes cue from composite word ‘Crosscut’, an editing technique used in films which interweaves two scenes by cutting away from one action to another, often adding suspense.

Instead of individually interpreting our triangular pieces by looking at the left and the right, we chose to look at the outside and inside by angling the triangles to allow a cavity within. A Friend of Mine considered the form and minimalist exterior, whilst Alice Oehr created a busy burst of excitement which is hidden from front view and only revealed when looked at from a side viewpoint.

We discussed “a restrained exterior versus an interior that’s bananas” — thus giving Alice a starting point to stretch her legs in her illustrative style with a ‘tropicana with a twist’ theme.

This piece is for sale, and we will be donating the proceeds to White Ribbon, a charity which aids domestic violence against women. www.whiteribbon.org.au

Illustration: Alice Oehr