Unpackaged is an eco-focused grocers and dry-goods store in Clerkenwell, London. Customers are encouraged to bring their own containers and fill up on dry goods and groceries in an effort to reduce the impact of packaging and waste. The identity avoids environmental clich├ęs whilst hinting at the concept of the store. The sustainability of collateral was also core to the identity, but the quality feel of the offer had to be maintained. This came through in considered use of production techniques such as embossing and reappropriating of existing collateral. For the shop invitation the design was gold foiled on to recycled cereal boxes, explaining the concept and creating a unique presence in the market.

The flagship store is in a heritage listed Victorian Dairy, the heritage listing imposed restrictions on the shopfit, where any new structures were to be freestanding. Black and white tubs holding dry goods were custom designed to rise from the checquerboard tiling at different heights to seamlessly integrate the new with the old. The jar shaped holes that were cut out of tubs, were then reused as signage within the store. The sensitivity for the existing building was carried through in the external signage with the Unpackaged signage being applied in gold leaf to complement the existing building signage whilst providing a strong street presence.

Produced whilst working at Multistorey, under the creative directorship of Rhonda Drakeford and Harry Woodrow. Shown here with their kind permission.