United Soul

A Friend Of Mine were enlisted to provide a holistic design solution for United Soul a tailored clothing store for men and women. The coming together of both men and women was established as the core of the identity, and a symmetrical venn diagram marque created to communicate this. A strong monochromatic pallette affirms this symmetry with each colour representing a sex and a circular form carrying the identity across a range of collateral from advertisements to packaging.

The identity was then carried into the design of the flagship store, with a nod to classic tailors, but an eye on the contemporary high end world of the product. Using classic substrates, such as oak and brass in a spacious and confident way and applying the contemporary branding in a bold and abstracted floor pattern. A shelving system was then fabricated around the product creating a modular, tailored effect and the colour cues of the sexes used as a directional hint within the space.

Photography: Shane Loorham