Tourism Victoria

Several logos were created specifically for events held by ATE 09, a tourism trade show that connects Australian tourism business with international tourism retailers, suppliers, wholesalers and operators. ‘Hide and Seek’ is a dinner at Block Arcade in Melbourne, the maze style referencing the title and themes of the night. ‘Play’ is a dinner focussed on the concept of being a spectator at a Melbourne event. The letterforms are made up from the playing fields and markings of the three sports in focus, Horse racing, Tennis and Football.

We also designed a Gift postcard for the Australian Tourism Exchange 2009 (ATE 2009). This postcard will be inserted into a giveaway Crumpler bag for delegates, featuring Josh Petherick’s illustration, ‘Maze’. In keeping with Tourism Victoria’s thread theme, the threads begin with a journey, navigating through Melbourne’s famous icons, then meet in the centre to form a parcel gift.

These projects were made in collaboration with Coöp.