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The Good Life Cookbook

Pan Macmillan publishers approached A Friend Of Mine to design and art direct ‘The Good Life’, the latest cook book by celebrity chef Adrian Richardson of La Luna Restaurant. In a saturated market, the book needed to have a point of difference and convey Adrian’s warm and passionate approach to food. An art direction style that incorporated the typography was developed, with hand-drawn titles and recreated in various mediums from ink, to flour and pastry. These physical pieces of type were then photographed in the same tone as the food and story telling images, creating a harmony and unity between type and image, and reinforcing the authenticity of Adrian’s philosophy around food. The seamless movement between type and image, and imagery and format, was continued through the book cover, in which the tablecloth used in the cover image extends to the bookmark ribbon.

Publishers: Pan Macmillan
Photographer: John Laurie
Props & Food Styling: Simon Bajada