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Significant Others Shop

Significant Others is a carefully edited online retailer offering locally crafted artworks and objects. The project is especially personal to the studio as it is a partnership between A Friend Of Mine’s Suzy Tuxen and longtime friend Ryan Ward, craftsman of United Measures. The products have a focus on hand crafted techniques rather than mass production, making each piece a labour of love. As well as the branding, packaging and web design, A Friend Of Mine designed the plywood series, abstractly and geometrically celebrating individual letters of the alphabet; which includes a pictoral set based on traditional Chinese ‘Tangrams’ providing a minimalist alternative for children’s bedrooms.

Art direction of photography was critical to the success of this project, with no physical presence, it was vital that the artworks and objects be seen in the home context, and the details and textures be shown. A Friend Of Mine worked collaboratively with Shane Loorham, in styling and art directing the range in local Melbourne homes. The website was designed with a clean interface suitable for multiple viewing platforms. The brand identity is bold and geometric, echoing the artwork and objects, while retaining an understated feel and allowing the products to be the primary focus. We created a monogram for Significant Others, which is punched into each artwork as a ‘maker’s marque’, following the tradition of potters and silversmiths.

$5 from every purchase is donated to Médecins Sans Frontières.