Micro Kitchen

A Friend Of Mine collaborated with Broadsheet to bring Melbourne’s best chefs and designers together for a pop-up event, Micro Kitchen. AFOM’s Suzy Tuxen collaborated with Rhys Gorgol to design the identity, promotional materials and the interiors for the space. As part of the State of Design Festival, Micro Kitchen was a week-long event in which a variety of designers each “briefed” a renowned Melbourne chef on creating a soup, one for each day of the week.

The idea of a designer and chef ‘spooning’ lent a tongue-in-cheek approach to the identity. Fitting with the temporary ‘pop-up’ atmosphere, the window signage was all hand-painted, and logos illustrated in chalk to maximise impact within a lean budget.

Plywood furniture was made to house the pop-up coffee, soup and alcohol stalls, and a custom-built long table facilitated communal and social interaction. To decorate the lofty space we created a mobile of suspended spoons in a zig-zag pattern — reminiscent of lace, this gave a home-like atmosphere and created a sense of warmth.

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Photography: Tobias Titz, Shane Loorham & Liz McLeish.
Lighting: Volker Haug, Placemats: Lightly
Plywood Furniture: Like Butter